Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Creating Science Memes for #RaesBlogChallenge

The topic for the 2nd post of my December Blog Challenge is to create a meme and post it on your blog. I chose to focus on creating science themed memes.

As a former science teacher I love memes that address science issues. There is nothing like getting a good #nerdgiggle from a particularly geeky science meme.  I love this play density and the fact that ice floats. See more of these on the 42 Best Science Memes on the Internet from Buzzfeed.

I had an idea that students could create memes based on science inaccuracies or mistakes in popular media.  For this post I did a Google search for science mistakes in movies and watched a short video from Business Insider on the biggest science mistakes in the movie The Martian.  The meme I created below is from one of the facts shared in the video.

To create this meme I used Google Drawing and simply added two photos and two text boxes. The nice thing about Google Drawing is that I was able to crop the images, re size them and also brighten and adjust the color. The image editing tools in Google Drawing are simple but effective! 

There are meme generators you can use like Meme Generator or the Meme feature in a photo app like Enlight.

I love the idea of students identifying science mistakes in movies, tv, and advertisements and then creating memes that correct the mistake. This is a fun way for students to explore science concepts and think critically about how science is portrayed int he media.

What ideas do you have for students to create memes?