Sunday, August 25, 2013

Google Docs Research Tool Slam

I love Google Slams. They are quick demos showing cool tips and tricks with Google Apps.  I am doing some workshops this week and was looking for inspiration when I came across this gem from +Stacy Behmer.

I plan to demo the Research Tool in Google Docs during my session on Power Moves with Google Drive.  You can see Stacy's slam showing how to use the Research Tool in Google Docs in the video below. This is a helpful feature and I am going to share her video in my session. Enjoy the video and have fun using the Research Tool!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Using Research Tool in Google Docs to Add Links

Recently, I discovered a handy way to add links to text in Google Docs using the Research Tool. When I saw this tweet from Kelly Kermode (@coachk) via Lisa Highfill (@lhighfill) I tried it, but the tool wasn't there.  At the time I was using my Gmail account in a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) domain, so I tried it with my personal Gmail outside the GAFE domain.  The tool was there when I was using regular Gmail.  After some research, I found that the tool is there inside my GAFE domain, it just works a little differently.

The Research Tool is a great addition to Google Docs and so I made this video demonstration to explain how you can find it and use it whether you are using a public Google account or a GAFE account.  Hope you find this as useful as I did! Thanks Kelly and Lisa for the heads up on updated feature.