Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Break #EdTech Challenge

Whenever I have some time off I like to challenge myself and set some new learning goals.  This is my list of fun ed-techy things to do over winter break. Today is the first day of our winter break and so I have fourteen days to get #edtechy and learn some new things. Do you have your own fun ideas to share? Please post in the comments below!

1. Post on Instagram every day until January 1st - Pictures of my most rewarding times working with students and teachers this year. Using the hashtag #bestedtechtimes2013 If you do this too, tag me in your post, I am raefearing on instagram.

2.  Start a Google+ Community - Think of a an interest or passion and create a community for it on Google+. Invite anyone I think might like to join so we can share ideas and connect all year.

3.  Reach level 30 in one category on QuizUp - My family and sometimes play QuizUp together by projecting it onto the television using Apple TV.  We work together to master new categories and
tackle difficult subjects.  A new twist on family game night!

4.  Write a blog post about a tech tool someone has asked me about. I have a back log of emails to read and many of them include questions from teachers asking me about technology tools or resources. I will write a blog post about one of them and share it with my personal learning network so I can hopefully help others.

5.  Learn more about an EdTech art tool.  I have several art apps on my iPad that I have been wanting to explore. I will pick one and master it over break.  Maybe even blog about it!

Do you want to take the challenge with me?  Post your list of 5 things to try over winter break and we can help encourage and support each other along the way.  Hey, maybe I will even set up a Google+ Community to share ideas, then I can check #2 off my list!