Sunday, April 28, 2013

My 5th Grade Code-In Project

My first program written with Hopscotch.
I made the monkey draw a box around the bear!
We start our 5th grade Code-In this week.  I worked with 5th grade teacher, Bill Filsinger, to plan a five week project for his students where they will be introduced to computer programming using the free app Hopscotch.

Take a look at this Google Doc (you can comment on it as well) to learn more about the 5th Grade Code-In.  If you have suggestions or comments please add them by clicking "Insert" then "Comment".

My purpose for this project is two-fold:
Some of the coding language used
to create projects in Hopscotch

1) It is important to increase STEM related learning activities for students. Exploring skills and concepts related to computer programming and technology helps prepare students to be successful in college and career and exposes them to a field with growing job opportunities.

2) iPads are new to my school district and are primarily used for skills practice and content consumption.  These are excellent uses of the iPad, but they can do so much more.  Moving to content creation, information sharing and idea development will help students with the 4 C's (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication) which are essential skills in today's world.

This week (Week 1 of the project) I am bringing iPads for the students to use and they will be introduced to the app with a short video and demonstration.  Then they can explore and play for 20 minutes using Hopscotch.  I am having Apple TV installed in the room so students can share their creations wirelessly at the end of each session. In week 2 (May 7) I am hoping to bring in a guest speaker for a virtual chat about the field of coding and programming.  I am still looking so if you know someone who would like to talk with 5th grade students about computer programming please comment or send me an email!

Each week I will blog about my experiences with this project. I can't wait to get coding!
Do you code? Have you done a similar project with students?
Please share!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

8 Art and Creativity Apps

Everyone enjoys exploring their artistic side so boost your creativity and art appreciation with these 8 apps I am rocking on my iPad. 


Draw on slides to create an animated flipbook.  Create on on your own or use the multi-player option to work on one with a friend.  You can even use the camera to take a background photo.  Hours of fun and engagement here.  Students can use Animator to illustrate a scene from a story or the stages of cell reproduction. Check out the Animator Hall of Fame Videos - Haunted House is my favorite.
$0.99     4 1/2 Star Rating


Glow Draw

Touch to draw, shake to clear, rotate for more.  A fun little app that switches it up by letting you draw with glow colors.  You can even draw on images from your photos.  Save drawings to your photos or send them in an email.  Need students to illustrate a concept?  Make it fun with Glo Draw.
FREE (with ads)    3 1/2 Star Rating



Art and science combine in this addictive app.  Your strokes repeat according to the rules of symmetry.  Too many features to list including 17 wallpaper groups, artistic color palette, glow pen to add highlights and export to photos, email and facebook.  Explore the tips and tutorials to learn about the science and math of symmetry.
$0.99     5 Star Rating

 One of my original iOrnament works!


Doodle Buddy

Stamps with funny sounds, stencils, text tools with re-sizable fonts and much more make this a versatile app.  There is so much to do in Doodle Buddy students won't get bored and neither will teachers.  Import your saved photos or use the built in backgrounds. You can also buy Doodle bucks to get more stencils and stamps.  Check out this Instructional Technology website with dozens of ways to use Doodle Buddy in the classroom.  Save to your photos or send in an email.
FREE (with ads) $0.99 (no ads)     3 1/2 Star Rating


Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Search tens of thousands of works of art from your iPhone or iPad.  This powerful app will inspire your students as they search the collection, see what is on view currently in the museum and research artists and art terms.  Plan a tour, check out MoMA podcasts and see videos on YouTube.  A must have app for any art class.
FREE     4 1/2 Star Rating


Puppet Workshop

Choose a sock or glove to create a virtual puppet.  With 20 socks and gloves, over 150 items to choose from and 18 backgrounds, this app really unleashes creativity.  You can upload your own backgrounds too.  Save puppets in the app or save to your photos.  Safety is key in this app, they collect no information, have no ads and no social media integration.  Save or print puppets and have students write a story about their creation!
FREE     4 1/2 Star Rating

My first Puppet Workshop creation


iLuv Drawing People HD

Young artists can learn to draw by tracing over 20 different drawings. Decorate with custom drawings and stickers then save your work to the drawing book, photos, email as greeting cards or print.  Step by step instructions help build skill and confidence with learners ages 4 and up.  Extra features include the ability to edit saved drawings and blank pages to practice what you have learned and try freehand drawing.
$2.99     5 Star Rating


Bonsai Master Studio HD

Increase your creativity and "get zen" at the same time.  Create your own bonsai tree from scratch. You can choose the tree style, branches, leaves, flowers, bowl, colors and more.  Step by step help and video tutorials are available.  It's relaxing and you can save your works of art to facebook or in your photos. They make great backgrounds for your device too.  Check out the app makers tutorial on YouTube for tips and pointers.
$1.99     4 1/2 Star Rating

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What's A MOOC? Ed Tech Cheat Sheet

Are you trying to understand all the terms in today's educational trends?  This will help.

Thanks to @medkh9 over at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning and @GoBoundless for creating the cheat sheet.  Click the cheat sheet to view it larger.