Monday, March 11, 2013

What to do with 1 iPad in Kindergarten

Recently I had a kindergarten teacher with just one iPad ask about how she can use it in class.  So many apps are available for independent practice or creation, it can be hard to come up with ideas for engaging one iPad class activities.  I have a few tips and ideas here to get you started.

Projecting the iPad

In the absence of wifi and an Apple TV, you can project the iPad under a document camera, or use an adaptor.  Both great ways to display the iPad to the class.  I know teachers that use both ways effectively.  One benefit of projecting by simply placing the iPad under a document camera is that students can see your hand as you touch different parts of app or the iPad.    

Whole class iPad activities

Many teachers read stories whole class using the iPad.  Storybook apps have interactive pieces and students can come up an touch different parts of the page to interact.  Here are some I have on my iPad for young readers.

Another idea is interactive writing.  Students work together in a group to help write a story or sentence.  The iPad can be a virtual whiteboard.  Great apps for this are Explain Everything and Educreations.  

Modeling math on a class iPad is highly engaging.  Here is a blog by kindergarten teacher and blogger Matt Gomez.   He used Educreations to do math problems with his class:  Math Problems with Educreations 
One of the great things about these apps are that you can record the screen and the audio.  Instant review lesson for absent students or those who need more time to learn the concepts!

He also writes about decomposing numbers with the Educreations app.  With one iPad you could do these things whole class and then let students work indvidually with paper or manipulatives to demonstrate the different ways to decompose numbers.  As students work, go around with the iPad and take pictures of their work.  You could even record them explaining their math and create a class video.  Students love seeing their work projected, you could use it the next day or another time to review.  Here is Matt's blog post on Decomposing numbers and educreations app

If you have other ideas please share in the comments or email me!