Thursday, October 24, 2013

Using redeem codes in the App Store with iOS7

Using a redeem code in the app store is a little bit different with iOS7, this video shows you how to do it! 

If you need to use a redeem code to download an app or if you want to redeem an iTunes gift card, I will show you how.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Congratulations on your new iPad!

Did you just get a teacher iPad?

Here are some resources to help you effectively use this technology in class.

iPads are more than an internet device or for just practicing skills - they are powerful tools to get students creating, collaborating, communicating and publishing their new ideas and learning. 

They are also the new document camera, lesson recording device, mobile teaching tool and much more. Here are some resources to help you learn to use your iPad and the new iOS7.


Introduction to iPads:  this guide covers iPad basics, iOS7 functionality and some highly recommended educational apps by Mac1

iOS7 A brief Overview - video by Rob Spreitzer

Sharing student work: What teachers need to know about Airdrop - from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Teaching with the iPad

Apple TV and the iPad:  The Perfect Educator Set up - by Max Interactive, this video will show you how a few small pieces of equipment can make you and your iPad the rockstars of your classroom.

Using the iPad as a document camera - by EdTech on Tap, get the basics of how to easily set up your iPad as a new and improved version of the essential classroom tool, the document camera.

15 Apps for the 1 iPad Classroom - by We Are Teachers, this list is packed with key apps to maximize your one iPad as a management and teaching tool in the classroom. One of my favorites on this list is Stickpick!
What to do with one iPad in Kindergarten - by Rae Fearing, whole class iPad activities.

36 Core Teacher Apps - by TeachThought, many of these apps are free and all of them will open up a world of creativiy tools for class projects.
The Educational Apps user Manual - by Paul Hamilton, highlights 8 educational apps and how to use them. Created for teachers by teachers, I love the tips on how to use these apps with your students.
8 Art and Creativity Apps - by Rae Fearing, art connects many curricular areas, explore the artsy apps and find ways to engage your class with them.
Free Apps to Download Now


Excellent Apps for Creating on the iPad

(Range from $4.99 - $9.99, free on the newest versions of iPad)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our First EdCamp

We held our first EdCamp in Del Norte County on October 5, 2013.

We are waaaayy up there

Del Norte is the northernmost county in California, nestled on the coast among the redwoods, pristine rivers and the Pacific ocean. Ours is a remote county, and I mean R-E-M-O-T-E. For the few of you reading this post that have traveled this far for fishing or camping, you know we are about two hours form the nearest anything.

I began planning EdCamp Del Norte about 8 months ago.  There were no EdCamps happening near us and I wanted to bring the power of the professional learning model to teachers in my county. So, I decided to plan my own with the help and guidance of many EdCamp experts on twitter, including @LS_Karl@kristenswanson and @VisionsByVicky.

The EdCamp wiki was my guide to everything and really helped me to plan the event, develop my logo, and get my website listed publicly. The EdCamp Guide to Organizing was my planning tool and helped me create a dynamic and memorable event. Thank you to the creators of the guide Amanda Dykes, Jerry Swiatek, Nick Provenzano, Kyle Pace, and Josh Allen.

Planning Edcamp went surprisingly smooth. Sponsors came on board readily and I was able to get plenty of prizes including the grand prize, an iPad mini. I began to stress a little toward the end because I didn't have t-shirts and I was worried we might not have a large enough crowd. But, then I told myself that the power was in the people who attended. T-shirts and swag were not the focus of this grass roots movement, learning from each other was.  When the day arrived and people started walking in the door I felt a sense of relief and excitement for what was about to happen. I knew it would be a great day of learning for everyone. 

I welcomed the group and asked if anyone had heard of EdCamp before, I think no one raised their hand. So, I explained what an un-conference was and how we were going to be deciding on and running all sessions ourselves. EdCamp Home Co-Creator Shawn White joined in via Google Hangout to talk about his experience with EdCamps. He spoke with us right from his the soccer field with his kids, now that is an awesome guy!

Brainstorming session ideas

We started building the session board by brainstorming what we wanted to learn for the day. This helped to get the ideas flowing was a great way to get inspiration for sessions. People saw things on the brainstorming board and then stepped up to lead sessions on those topics. Once session ideas were posted on the board, we did a little arranging of times and locations then off we went. Groups went to the assigned rooms and began to share ideas.  Session topics included Smarter Balanced Assessments, Screencasting, Standards Based Grading and iPads in the classroom.  We even partnered with EdCamp San Diego which was happening the same day and held a joint session on Connecting Classrooms and Teachers with Google hangouts led by me and the always eduawesome and fellow Google Certified Teacher, Jo-Ann Fox

Everyone who attended our Edcamp was focused on learning and collaborating. One group even held a lunch session on Number Talks.  This demonstrates the power of Edcamps and how getting educators together to learn works.  Teachers were able to learn what they wanted when they needed it.  I was impressed by what were were able to do in one day. To learn more about our EdCamp Del Norte you can see our website and and view our session board.   

Our session board being built - so exciting!
Since EdCamp, several people have talked to me about planning future events. Ed Tech leaders in a neighboring county have started planning and one of our data coaches/instructional leaders talked with me about holding a focused EdCamp which would target a specific topic like instructional strategies.  I look forward to working with colleagues on these new ideas and seeing what happens next year with EdCamp Del Norte II!

More EdCamp Del Norte Session Photos

Brett Lauble sharing student screencasting projects

@colbysmart and @kendallp50 leading a session
on Smarter Balanced Assessments

Friday, October 11, 2013

Setting Event Reminders on Google Calendar

A Google Calendar Tip!

Recently,  a teacher called me and said was receiving pop up notifications for events on her calendar 10 minutes before the start time and this was not useful to her. She wanted to know if this could be changed and so I made this short tutorial video to demonstrate how to set event reminders in Google Calendar.
I hope this helps you stay ever prepared and on time!