Sunday, August 11, 2013

Using Research Tool in Google Docs to Add Links

Recently, I discovered a handy way to add links to text in Google Docs using the Research Tool. When I saw this tweet from Kelly Kermode (@coachk) via Lisa Highfill (@lhighfill) I tried it, but the tool wasn't there.  At the time I was using my Gmail account in a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) domain, so I tried it with my personal Gmail outside the GAFE domain.  The tool was there when I was using regular Gmail.  After some research, I found that the tool is there inside my GAFE domain, it just works a little differently.

The Research Tool is a great addition to Google Docs and so I made this video demonstration to explain how you can find it and use it whether you are using a public Google account or a GAFE account.  Hope you find this as useful as I did! Thanks Kelly and Lisa for the heads up on updated feature.