Monday, May 6, 2013

Inspire Children with Robots

Featured as a free app in April.  Even now, at $.99 it is more than worth it.  

Download the Robots App HERE

About the App

Over 20 featured robots to learn about and see in action make this an app to inspire young and old.  Users explore each robot with pictures, video, robot specifications and the ability to rate the robot's appearance.  Users can also explore related articles and news about robots, rate each robot and decide if they would want to have one or not.

A few minutes with this app and your robot passion will be ignited!  The app is interactive and easy to navigate.  You can take your learning further in the app by exploring types of robots and how to get started in robotics.  There is even a timeline of the history of robotics.  This app has so much to offer and is surely a student favorite.  I haven't used it with students yet, but I am looking for an opportunity to share it with a class and get feedback.  We don't have a robotics club at our local high school, but I am thinking this app my get some students interested in starting one.

Rollin' Justin - One of the over 20 robots featured in the Robots App

Wanna Hang Out?

I would love to share this app with the 5th grade class I am currently working on a STEM Code-In Project.  It would be great to arrange a Google Hangout with a robotics engineer and jump start the career of a future roboticist.  If anyone from a robotics lab or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) reads this and is interested in speaking with a 5th grade class please contact me.

To read more about the Robots app check out the IEEE Spectrum website.