Tuesday, May 21, 2013

National Social Media Safety and Awareness Month

I am taking part in Lee Kolbert's National Social Media Safety and Awareness Month as mentioned in her blog post on A Geeky Momma's Blog

It's National Social Media Safety and Awareness Month. [Tweet this.] Actually, there is no such thing;yet with so many awareness campaigns for other very important issues, I think it's about time we include important emerging trends that can be both good and evil at the same time. If nobody else is going to run with this, I'll stick my neck out. So...
"In honor of [Pseudo] Social Media Safety and Awareness month, by no powers vested in me, I, do hereby proclaim May, as Social Media Safety and Awareness month. I call upon all Humans to observe these events with appropriate updates, blogposts, trainings, ceremonies, and other activities in order to bring awareness to this emerging need. I also call on all educators, bloggers, news outlets, and appropriate officials of all units of social media and online press, to ensure that the updates on social media contain information on social media safety and awareness during this month." Lee Kolbert ~ May, 2013

Youth and adults must be taught digital citizenship to understand the impact of everything they put online via social media and to help prevent their information from being used against them.

Watch this video to see how this can happen

Take a look at this collaborative list of digital citizenship teaching resources - created by teachers from #CaEdchat (California Ed Chat on Twitter)

Digital Citizenship Teaching Resources - click below and please add, comment or rate

I challenge @21cmatt  @SonomaEdTEch @ColbySmart to contribute to this campaign - join me!