Monday, February 1, 2016

5 Apps for Exploring Elections, Presidents and More

It's February and many classrooms will begin studying about presidents and elections. Here are some apps and resources you may not know about that focus on elections, the constitution, presidents and more. Information contained in these apps can be used for whole class presentations, discussion starters, bell ringer activities as well as for individual student research and exploration.

Thanks to +Guy Trainin for the inspiration for this post.

Constitution for iPad

A copy of the U.S. Constitution right on your iPad! Try the keyword search feature.

Real Clear Politics

 Updated daily with commentary, news, polling data and links to current political issues.

Electoral Map 2012

Maps of all previous US electoral college results. 

The Presidents Flashcards

Portraits of each president along with key information. From George Washington to barack Obama.


Create a customized class magazine to get you through election season.

Learn more about some of the resources above with this 5 minute video from Guy Trainin.

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