Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sharing: My key to great'edu'ness

Day 10 of the Reflective Teaching 30 Day Blogging Challenge for Teachers is about sharing.

Sharing is a big part of my personal learning network (PLN). I share with others in hopes they can learn from it or use the information.  Others share with me and that is where I get my EDU Super Powers.  The magic of my PLN is evident daily. In fact today, A teacher told me: "You always find interesting stuff to help teachers, when you find topics related to my subject, can you send them to me?" It pays to have a #PLN and I truly believe we are #bettertogether

And now I will share with you!

5 Random Facts About Myself
  1. I make the best chocolate chip cookies
  2. I used to play the oboe and even made my own reeds for a short time
  3. 1st Wave is one of the saved channels on Sirius radio in my car (Bonus points if you know what music they play)
  4. One summer I worked as an animal trainer at Marine World Africa USA
  5. I don't drink coffee - never have

4 Things From My Bucket List
  1. Travel to Madagascar to see the Berenty Lemur Preserve (I once hand raised a Black and White Ruffed Lemur and named him Berenty)
  2. Publish a book (I started a children's book about Berenty the lemur)
  3. See tigers in the wild
  4. Take a year o ff to travel the world
  5. Own a maserati

3 Things I Hope For This Year 
  1. Both of my kids complete a successful, first year of college
  2. To continue to help teachers use technology effectively to support student learning
  3. A new maserati! :)

2 Things That made Me Laugh or Cry As An Educator
  1. When my oldest son graduated from high school one of his best friends did not. He was a few units short of graduation.  My husband and I invited him to live with us and I helped him each day work towards finishing his units so he could get his diploma.  I remember after he completed his work we drove to the school so he could pick up his diploma. When he got back to the car with it in hand he declared, "I got it!"  This made me both laugh and cry.
  2. My first year of teaching I taught high school science. One young man who was a good foot taller than I derived pleasure from trying to break me. In fact he told me once that he was there to do just that. I remember one time he hid in a closet during class to try and frazzle me, didn't work, and eventually he just came out and we moved on with the lesson.  The funny thing is years later I saw him and he ran up, hugged me and said he really like me as a teacher and was sorry he was so 'hard' on me but that I took it well. 

1 Thing I wish More People New About Me

I am actually an  introvert, but with a passion for teaching