Thursday, August 28, 2014

Teacher Led Learning in Del Norte County

Recently, we had a full day of professional learning for teachers in our county. For a couple of sessions we did not have formal presenters, instead, we let teachers lead discussions with their peers. These turned out to be some of the most popular sessions of the day. Session topics included iPads, Chromebooks and a Share Fair. 

Here are the instructions I created for the Share Fair, based on the idea that was shared from +David Theriault. SHARE FAIR INSTRUCTIONS We had over 25 teachers create Share Boards during this session.

One of the teachers who helped facilitate the iPad discussion, +Kendall Pickenpaugh, wrote down some thoughts after the session. I wanted to post her thoughts here so everyone could benefit from the knowledge that was shared.

Here is Kendall's post:
Thank you to everyone who came to the iPad discussion group. That hour just flew by and Pilar did such a great job of introducing us to her favorite apps. I had a few things I wanted to share and was hoping that we could start a dialogue about best practices. Toward that end, I made this google doc editable by all so please feel free to share any techniques or links or what have you. Also, Rae does have an iPad Educators DN Google Community where she shares great gems throughout the year. She would be glad to add you!

Pilar brought up a great point with her need of a 12 step program to stop downloading Apps.
This post from one of my favorite blogs can help with that:
Jo-Ann Fox - AppEducation Jo-Ann recommends One Page of Apps .
Jo-Ann refers to the SAMR Model. She has a great 120 sec overview in the first link above. This is another incredible Resource for the SAMR Model  Interactive SAMR Model

Good Stuff
iMovie = creativity unleashed!
Poem Movies One of my student’s iMovie from last year, if you click on my name, you can see more (you get a youtube channel with your Google Account, great place to share student work so they can show it off!) We used this Storyboard Template to plan.
“Trailer” Feature - Each of the trailer Templates has a specific structure. If we are trying to get the students to integrate technology and give proof of deeper thinking, purpose and forethought are crucial. Here is the link to specific storyboards for each iMovie trailer template. Book Trailers instead of Book!

Nearpod - Interactive delivery/assessment. Engaged kids!
Khan Academy  - some glitches with the help videos for the kids (youtube)
   - goes down to K-2 now

What I want to try this year

Blogs to follow - Please Add more!!!

Jo-Ann Fox - AppEducation

Jennie Magiera - Teaching Like It’s 2999

Finally, my summer goal was to plunge into Twitter. So glad I did! Yes it is social media, but, you can create your own experience and if you follow folks at the end of any of these links (and Rae!) you get to have your own Professional Learning Network delivered right to your device. Retweet gems and they are there for you to read and explore whenever you have the time and inclination. Even if you don’t tweet, it is a great place to learn.

Have a fabulous year!