Friday, May 23, 2014

3 Ideas to Promote Deeper Learning of Mathematics with iPads

Do you want your students to do more than practice math skills and play math games on the iPad? Here are three quick ideas to fuel your thinking.

1.  Have students build a game using math concepts they are learning.  In the video below you can see a 5th grade student's math game created using the Hopscotch app. Game building allows students to gain deeper understanding of math concepts, they learn essential skills like perseverance, problem solving and critical thinking.

2.  Using an app like Doodle Buddy, students can build and work with number lines.  Creating a number line helps students to better understand how to use them. Below is an example from a 3rd grader in +Tracy Campbell 's class.

3.  Older students can use the Book Creator app to create tutorials and guides for math concepts.  By creating resources to teach others, students gain deeper understanding of the material. Take a look at these equation books created by Bowdoin Math high school students.

Do you have other ideas and example? Please share in the comments.