Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Digital Citizenship in Schools

Tonight, I am presenting at our school board meeting on the topic of digital citizenship curriculum.  We are hoping to adopt Common Sense Media's curriculum for use in grades K-12 county wide.  I have piloted a few lessons in classrooms the response has been very positive.  What I really like about the lessons are that they address so many essential topics and include a variety of activities including physical activities, discussion, reflection and technology tools.  Extension activities and parent materials are easy to use and effective.

At a recent Principal's meeting, the superintendent asked site administrators how much of their behavior problems were related to social media, most responded that 80% or more of the behavior problems and fights on campus started on social media.  The importance of teaching students to be responsible digital citizens was confirmed while I was teaching the Rings of Responsibility lesson to 3rd graders and a principal came up to me afterwards and asked if I could do similar lessons for the entire school.  He saw the lesson in action and knew it would be beneficial to all students.  Some teachers talk about this in class, but that is not consistent and teachers don't always have the tools to address all issues effectively. This is why approaching it county wide will allow us to make sure all students are given to information and tools they need to as they grow up in this digital society.  Students are being born into a social media and digital world, most of their teachers were not.  This is why it is so important to train teachers in how to teach students to be good digital citizens.

I am enjoying my own learning as we move forward with addressing issues like digital footprints, online reputation, internet safety, and online communication. Teachers will be learners too with this new age of teaching in a cyber world and digital citizenship is essential for all of us to be productive media users.

Below are a couple of  resources I have been creating while working with the digital citizenship curriculum.

My infographic the school board presentation:

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While working with alternative high school teachers I learned to use Animoto. What an awesome tool! This is the video I made about my media life as a demo for the lesson Digital Life 102.