Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My 5 #Eduwins from EdCamp Home 2.0

Ed Camp Home 2.0
Badge courtesy of +Kevin Ashworth 
On Saturday, January 4, 2014, I attended EdCamp Home 2.0. This was my 3rd EdCamp and 2nd EdCamp Home.  There is a certain magic when you participate in an EdCamp and I felt it again on Saturday. Yes, I learn at the sessions, but I also leave with new connections.  I have never attended an EdCamp as just a participant. I have always either been a moderator or the organizer (EdCamp Del Norte) and I think this enhances the experience even more by allowing me to connect with more people.

Here are my 5 Biggest #Eduwins from EdCamp Home 2.0

1. +Chip Chase and I had a 1 on 1 conversation about the effectiveness of educational technology.  One of the best things about EdCamps is that they are participant driven, you get what when you need it.  During session 2 we had a great discussion about how to measure our effectiveness as professional developers and technology integrators. We were the only two in the hangout, but it was an important conversation.  When do you ever get to talk to someone who does your same job, 1 on 1 for 40 minutes, uninterrupted?  Golden.

2.  I joined a new Google+ Community for Professional Developers and Educational Coaches.  There were several sessions I wanted to attend but wasn't able to.  One session was about supporting Professional Developers and Educational Coaches.  +Markette Pierce was in the session and started a Google + community afterwards to extend the conversation. I joined the community and two days later I was in a Google Hangout with Markette and +Jon Schull discussing how we support the learning of teachers. Jon asked me the best questions, I love how professors always make you think.

3.  I helped introduce my friend  +Stephanie Wayment to her first EdCamp.

4. Practice moderating Google Hangouts on Air  I enjoy pushing myself to try new things and I believe in learning by doing.  This was another opportunity to experience moderating a hangout.  Things go smoother each time!

5.  I was able to moderate a session and got this cool badge designed by +Kevin Ashworth

Did you miss EdCamp Home?  Links below will take you to all of the sessions video archives for EdCamp Home 2.0.
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