Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hour of Code and Beyond

I had an #eduawesome hangout today with Dr. Sam Patterson discussing our participation in the Hour of Code event and next steps to continue coding with kids. You can watch the entire hangout below.  

To continue the conversation, you can find us on Google+: +Sam Patterson Ed.D. +Rae Fearing  or Twitter @raefearing @sampatue
This hangout on air is also archived on my YouTube Channel.

Best quote from the discussion: 
"Sharing is our new superpower" - Dr. Sam Patterson

Resources mentioned in the discussion: website with all of the Hour of Code Tutorials

Wes Fryer's Blog: Moving at the Speed of Creativity (posts on coding and Hopscotch)

Wes Fryer's Hopscotch Challenges eBook

Dr. Sam Patterson's Blog: My Paperless Classroom