Friday, September 13, 2013

An Annoted List of Resources for Teaching the Common Core in the Social Studies Classroom

Here are some resources I put together that to help provide structure and focus for teachers transitioning to the Common Core in Social Studies. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but provides some concrete examples and clear ideas to support the transition.

1.  Ideas for Implementing Literacy Common Core in the Non-ELA Classroom - an Edutopia article with links to many resources to help teachers be effective and intentional in teaching and assessing the CCSS

2.  Text-Dependent Questions: Using Evidence - Guides and Checklists from Achieve The Core to help teachers write and evaluate text-dependent questions. These tools can help transition from the old standby "find the answer in the book" questions to higher level thinking tasks

3.  Language, History and the Common Core - Educator Bill Chapman (@classroomtools) demonstrates how to address one literacy standard using three separate documents in a social studies class

4.  Common Core Literacy in History/Social Studies - Close Reading Exemplar Lessons from Achieve the Core demonstrate how teachers can build student knowledge through content rich nonfiction and practice with reading complex informational text

5.  Minecraft History Project -  Shared by Minecraft Educator +Tim Wicks, this student decides to use Minecraft to express learning in his history lesson

6.  Integrating Technology in Common Core Teaching - Jaclyn Karabinas shares on her Institute in a Box website many ways to integrate technology into teaching using tools such as screencasting and blogging, allowing students to share and express their learning

Please share your resources and ideas in the comments!