Thursday, November 29, 2012

3 Steps to Keeping Classroom Technology Safe

Hello Educators,

Having technology in the classroom enhances curriculum and engages students.  Many educators today have one classroom iPad or small sets of iPads, iPods or other mobile devices. When technology is lost or stolen students miss out on important learning opportunities.  Here are some important safety measures to keep technology in the classroom for students.

1.  When storing technology in the classroom it is critical to take precautions against theft.  Devices such as video cameras, iPads, and laptops should be put away in a locked and secured place such as a file cabinet or cupboard when not in use.  Even syncing trays or carts should be locked out of site.

2.  Always establish and enforce classroom protocols for student use of technology.  Develop a clear check out and check in process so equipment is accounted for and does not "walk out the door".  Here is an example of a Del Norte County Unified School District developed iPad Classroom Use Protocol that can be used or adapted for your site.  You can also read about developing a responsible use policy and establishing classroom management procedures on the Edutopia blog post, Mobile Learning Support for New Teachers, by Lisa Dabbs.

3.  If you have an iPad, iPod or other iOS device in your classroom please review the information below about installing the Find My iPhone app on your device in case it is ever lost or stolen.  Find My iPhone is an app that lets you remotely track an iOS device and lock it or you can even erase it's data.  This information may also be useful to you for personal iPhones or iOS devices.  

Please note - this must be setup BEFORE a device is lost or stolen.

Watch this video tutorial of how to use the Find My iPhone app:

Hopefully, this information is helpful to you.  I've shared this with my district after four iPads went missing in a classroom.  I would love to hear from other schools about how they manage and track mobile devices not in a 1:1 program.  If you have suggestions or use protocols that have worked for you please share in the comments.