Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blogs I Follow

Each day I stumble across a variety of blog posts as I browse the web and cruise my social media sites.  When a person's blog relates to my interests I follow it using Google Reader so I can easily find and read new posts.  My school has adopted Google Apps for Education and so I prefer to use Google Reader as my blog reader (organizer) because it works well with the other Google Apps I use daily.  Some features I enjoy are the ability to organize blogs into folders and to sort blog posts from oldest to newest.  This helps to stay caught up and not miss a post.  I can also easily post my blog on Twitter or other social networks.  Additionally, blogs I add to my blog roll are automatically added to Google Reader for me saves me a step!

The list of blogs I follow is growing daily.  Currently, I follow 17 blogs focused on education and technology.  To be included in blogs I follow requires two things:  1) topics must be interesting to me and 2) I have to get something I can use or apply to my work out of the blog

My top five favorite blogs are (in no particular order):

2 Cents Worth - by David Warlick
A self-described vagabond educator, his posts are usually packed with lots of links, he posts several times a month which is perfect for me, I am able to read them all and don't miss anything.  I find other bloggers that interest me by cruising through his blog roll.  His topics are of high interest to me and education focused. I enjoy his writing style and the fact that he is not afraid to tell us how he really feels.

Bud The Teacher - by Bud Hunt
Bud is funny and writes (and worries) about the future of reading and writing and teaching and learning on his blog.  He posts often and I enjoy following his reader feed on the blog which shows what articles and posts he is saving to read.

Ed Tech Team - by the Ed Tech Team
Led by Mark Wagner, this blog is maintained by a variety of people on the ed tech team and beyond.  This is a great blog for whats new in educational technology as well as Google Apps Edu news.  This is a go to blog to find out about Google Summits and other Google services in education.

The Nerdy Teacher - by Nick Provenzano
Nick is so funny and provides a bounty of information about using technology in education.  He has tremendous insight into technology integration in education and is half of Edubros - who are rising celebrities in education.  I heard him speak in the newbie lounge at ISTE 2012 and was hooked.

The Teacher Garden - by Mrs. K
This is the newest addition to blogs I follow and is packed with practical teaching ideas and solutions.  She is an elementary teacher and her blogs are filled with photos which I find very helpful.  I pass on a lot of what I read on her blog to the teachers I serve in my district.  I look forward to learning more about Mrs. K as I continue to read her blog.

Have a blog I should follow?  Please leave a comment!